Work with us for Fair Trade Custom Manufacture in India!

Shivalaya Workshop

Shivalaya manufacturing facility is in Jaipur, India. We are a fair trade garment and housewares manufacturer and exporter.

If you are looking for sustainable and ethical artisan production for your brand or company, please find our services, capabilities, and values listed below. We are looking for long-term partnerships with firms that want to engage in a constructive, more transparent, and sustainable way to improve the lives of garment workers and the environmental imprint of the fashion industry.

We collaborate with small to medium-sized firms and independent designers worldwide. Our current client list includes companies from Japan, Australia, Thailand, the United Kingdom, UAE, and the United States.

Your orders promote fair trade, artisan skill development, heritage textile crafts, the promotion of organic cotton in India, and transparent, team-oriented working partnerships by collaborating with us.

Support us in constructing a more sustainable world one step at a time.



  • Women's garments
  • Kid's garments, baby bedding
  • Home furnishing items
  • Hand block printing on cotton fabric & Indian Linen

Women's garments

Kid's garments, baby bedding

Home furnishing items

Hand block printing on cotton fabric & Indian Linen

Tailor master cutting pattern


Full Service Manufacturing/CMT

  • Pattern-making/grading
  • Sampling
  • Fabric sourcing
  • Dyeing/printing
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality assurance
  • Packing/export shipping

Quality Assurance

  • Customer Service.
  • Measurement and construction check during production
    Post-production visual check.

Customer Serice

  • Reliable, consistent email updates.
  • Phone consultations.

Export Shipping

  • All manufacturing orders sent by export air freight


  • We provide full manufacturing and CMT services to both independent designers and established brands
  • Block carving for custom design patterns.
  • Fabric sampling for organic/cotton, handloom 'khadi,' and linen fabrics.
  • Full production and/or CMT services are available.
  • Export shipment for custom requests.
  • Custom block print production or solid color dyeing using low-impact colors.
  • All work is done in-house and in accordance with fair trade labor standards.


  • Women's casual wear, nightwear/lounge, and home furnishings.
  • High-quality stitching, finishing, and attention to detail.
  • Plain weave (voile, cambric, sheeting), poplin, twill, sateen, canvas, and percale GOTS-certified organic cotton.
  • Hand block printing by artisans using a water-based binder and pigment prints (including either our basic print collections for block prints or custom designs for block prints).
  • Natural fibers (cotton, linen) are sourced in India from either ethical/GOTS-certified organic or cottage industry sources, such as hand loom (khadi) fabric.


  • Order of garments MOQ is 100 pieces total order, 25 pieces per style for up to four sizes, with a MAX-OQ of 2,500 pieces.
  • The home furnishing order MOQ is 250 pcs (per style MOQ varies between 10 and 50 pcs) with a MAX-OQ of 5,000 pcs.
  • The minimum order quantity for hand-block printed fabric is 200 meters per print & color, with a maximum order quantity of 10,000 meters.
  • The minimum order quantity for fabric dyeing is 200 meters per color, with a MAX-OQ of 30,000 meters.


  • Making patterns.
  • Sampling.
  • Manufacturing samples.
  • CMT manufacturing or full-service manufacturing.
  • Assurance of quality (checking is done at each stage of manufacture).
  • Packing and air freight export shipping.

Quality Assurance/Design Protection

  • All garment production is done in-house.
  • We do in-house solid color dyeing on wovens and block printing with dyes.
  • We make a firm commitment to protecting all of our customers' designs at every stage of production.

Quality Assurance Process

  • At each stage of the manufacturing process, we conduct quality checks.
  • Visual inspection of the fabric before and after dyeing, as well as color and accuracy inspection during dyeing or printing.
  • During production, measurement and construction inspection are performed.
  • After-production construction inspection includes a visual inspection of the fabric, seams, alignment, overall appearance, removal of loose threads, and accessory inspection (zips, buttons, labels).
  • final visual inspection following pressing and packing.

Beyond Our Scope

  • We do not work with synthetics, high-performance fibers, mill-made fabrics, knits, wool, leather, or plastics. We only use fabric that is sourced in India.
  • Tie and dye, digital printing, and machine roller printing are not available. We provide custom block printing and, on occasion, a limited range of hand screen printing by special arrangement.
  • We do not produce mesh produce bags, personalized printed tote bags, nappy bags, baseball caps, or hats.
  • We do not provide machine embroidery. We only offer single-line hand embroideries, such as a Kantha stitch line or blanket stitch edge.
  • We do not offer vegetable dye printing for custom orders; instead, for block print orders, we use GOTS-compliant, water-based binder pigment colors.

Custom Manufacturing - Work With Us!

Please contact us if you are looking for a fair trade manufacturer in India who can work with natural fiber fabrics, organic cotton, and artisan block prints. On small to medium-batch production, we work with both independent designers and brands.

Please contact us to see if we have any openings in our production schedule for new customers. If you are interested in collaborating with us on customer manufacturing or block printing, please contact

Please include the following business contact information and details in your email:

  1. Your given name.
  2. Name of the company or brand.
  3. Address.
  4. Website or online presence.
  5. Summary of your company's history and values.
  6. Specifics about what you want to have manufactured.

We will review your request within 48 hours, on average. We are looking for a good fit for both parties and to build long-term relationships that will be mutually beneficial and help us achieve our mission of improved sustainability. 

If it looks like a good match, we will send you our Designer Guidelines file which includes detailed information on manufacturing and CMT, MOQ, pattern making/grading, sampling, fabric sourcing, dyeing/printing, payment, and shipping.

We're happy to work with like-minded clients as our production schedule permits and grow our fair trade business.  We are particularly interested to form long-term, trusted relationships with all of our clients as we believe ethical fashion is about all of us working together.  

If it would seem that there is a good fit, we will send you our Designer Guidelines file, which contains detailed information on manufacturing and CMT, MOQ, pattern making/grading, sampling, fabric sourcing, dyeing/printing, payment, and shipping.

We are eager to collaborate with like-minded clients and expand our fair trade business as our production schedule allows. We are especially interested in developing long-term, trusted relationships with all of our clients because we believe that ethical fashion requires all of us to work together.