Orders Return Policies

Make your order

Check the items directly after receipt. If an item is delivered damaged or incomplete, please report it as soon as possible to our customer care.

Return Conditions

Have you ordered a wrong item, or you are not satisfied with the item, you can file a return request. This is possible until 14 days after receipt of the item.

You can return an item:

  • When the product is complete and unused.
  • (If possible) in the original, undamaged manufacturer's packaging.

Some items can not be returned. This involves:

  • Articles where the seal is broken because of durability and hygiene.

Return Register

1 First within 14 days after you receive the item an email to hello@shivalayajaipur.com .
2 Mention in the email your order and which item you want to return them. Wait for a reply from us with further instructions.
3 You will receive an email with a return number and shipping instructions.
4 Return the item within 7 days, please send us an email with proof of shipment.

Product Return

The customer remains responsible for return shipping. Returns that get lost can not be imputed to us. In case of loss or damage to invalidate the refund.

  • Include a return number clearly on the package and make sure that any old stickers or addresses are no longer visible.
  • Wrap the package carefully so that the risk of damage during transport is minimal. Please note, we are not responsible for damage during transportation.
  • Make sure that the package has sufficient postage.
  • You can do it then package in the mail, or if it does not fit, you can take it to the post office of your choice.
  • Send the item within 7 days, please send us an email with proof of shipment.

Products whose accessories or parts and pieces of the package fail, we may decline.

We reserve the right to refuse or to repay only a portion of the amount paid returns when the items demonstrably used or damaged.

We can only refund the base amount of the order i.e. excluding shipping amount & taxes.